how does seafood stack up to other proteins?


This exclusive SeafoodSource consumer report compiles survey results and findings from more than 500 American seafood consumers regarding their grocery-shopping and purchasing habits. The habits of each respondent followed one of six distinct patterns, or personas.


Each persona has a varied approach to grocery shopping and therefore responds differently to marketing and merchandising. Seafood professionals can take the findings to make smarter marketing and merchandising decisions.


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What to expect from this report:

  • Demographic and geographic attributes of each six seafood-buying personas
  • Weekly consumption and purchasing behavior regarding the frequency consumer enter grocery stores knowing which proteins they’ll buy
  • Persona preferences between seafood and poultry, beef and pork
  • Household perspectives on eating preferences, attitudes on cost, ease of preparation and other factors when deciding the protein on their dinner plates

Get your copy of Appraising Proteins: American Consumer Behavior at the Retail Level – the only major study to compare seafood with other grocery store proteins.

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